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Whether you fish shark occasionally or are a comitted shark fisherman, this lure is an absolute must to own!

This style lure is probably responsible for catching more mako and thresher shark than any other lure around. Its unusual head design combined with its heavy, 16 oz.weight is perfect for slow trolling mako and thresher and gets the lure down deep where it belongs. The Shark-O-Matic can be used either with or without a downrigger for incredible results.

The Shark-O-Matic can be used with or without bait, but we recommend using a mackerel or other oily fish fillet. The Shark-O-Matic is available both rigged and unrigged. The rigged version consists of a 350 lb, 49-strand stainless steel cable leader with a loop protector and 350 lb. Rosco swivel for easy mainline connection. inside of the Shark-O-Matic's skirt, is a 350 lb Rosco snap swivel, copper crimped with an offshore loop. Also included are two 8/0 trolling hooks. One of which is rigged with 550 lb, 49 strand, stainless cable (single hook cable rig). Both the single hook and the cable rigged hook snap on and off directly to the snap swivel allowing you troll with one or both hooks, as well as providing a platform to double pin your bait fillet. The rigged version comes complete with a nylon mesh and clear vynl lure pouch for easy storage and drying.

This lure is a must have for both the casual and serious sharkfishermen. Best of all, we are offering the Shark-O-Matic at an incredible price, saving you big dollars compared to other versions.

Colors: Pink/white. Green/yellow. Green/yellow/orange (zucchini). Green/yellow/black. Orange/Yellow/Red (bleeding mackerel). Additional colors are available upon request. Send us an e-mail asking if we can make one in your favorite color!

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