Mako Magnet


A simple, but very effective lure for Makos and Threshers. The Mako Magnet is a 14" Octopus Skirt rigged with 350# 49-strand cable, loop protector, 350 # crane swivel and a 350# snap swivel inside of the skirt. You can use the snap swivel to attach a single or double hook cable/wire rig (not included) for use by itself or to attach a bait fish or fillet. The rig has a low frequency, sound producing rattle attached between the 10 oz. egg sinker and snap swivel connection. It is most productive when slow trolled on a down rigger, planner or directly to your main line. It can also be used to drift fish in a chum slick.

Primary colors are : Purple/Black, Green/Yellow, Green/White Mackerel. Additional Colors may be available upon request.

Lure Length: 14". Weight" 10 oz.

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