Lil' Scooper Trolling Lure

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The Lil" Scooper is one of our charter boats top producers when it come to albacore, yellowfin and dorado. The popular Lil Scooper, which has a hex-shaped jet head with a scooped face, giving it a slight side to side swimming action while producing a bubble trail. This combination proves irresistible to many types of game fish and is the perfect lure to troll when predators are feeding on small to medium sized baitfish.

Trolling Lures For Targeting The Following Species:  

Works well for Tuna, Dorado, and other gamefish that feed at or near the surface.


Orange/yellow/green (Hawaiian Rainbow), Purple/black, Pink/Blue with black spots, Green/yellow, Blue/silver with black horizontal bars, Green/black (Mean Joe Green), Green/yellow with red stripes (Mexican Flag), Blue/silver with pink stripe, Pink/white with black stripes and bars, Brown/orange (Petrolero), Green/yellow with orange stripe (Zucchini), Dark green/translucent with red stripe (wounded soldier), Agua Glo with blue bars and red stripe, Pink

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