Feather Hootchie

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Feather Hootchie:

4 1/2 inch Hootchie skirt with a feather wrapped lead head inside. This lure is awesome for dolphin (dorado), albacore and yellowfin. It has proven itself a consistent and reliable producer all over the world!

Trolling Lures For Targeting The Following Species:

Early Season Albacore, Barracuda, Bonito, Sierra Mackerel, Skipjack, Kingfish, Dorado, Bluefin and other pelagics that feed at or near the surface.

Lure Length:4.5 inch Lure Weight: 1/2oz


Mexican Flag

Blue silver with black horizontal bars

Bluesilver with pink stripe


Dark green/translucent/red and white with red stripe

Green/Black (Mean Joe Green)


Green/Yellow/Chartreuse with Orange Stripe

Green/Yellow/Orange (Zucchini)



Pink/White with black stripes and bars


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