4-Piece Micro-Chain Trolling Lure


The Micro-Jet Chain is a must have when albacore and other predators are feeding on tiny bait fish. This rig consists of of four 3 & 1/2" Hootchies. The last Hootchie is weighted, a different color and spaced further back then the preceding three Hootchioes. It comes complete with premium, 80 lb. monofilament, a 125 lb Roscoswivel and a stainless steel Mustad hook. This rig has saved many a day for offshore anglers when gamefish will not even look at a larger lure. This Micro-Chain has enabled our charter boats to return to the dock with our holds full of fish while other boats in the area could not get a single jig strike. You owe it to yourself to pick up a few of these “secret” Daisy Chains before your next fishing trip. They may very well save the day!

Colors: Purple/Black, Chartreuse/Yellow/Orange, Green/Yellow, Pink/Blue, Blue/Silver, Blue/Gold, Black/Silver, Aqua-Glo w/ Red Stripe. Additional colors may be available upon request.

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