4-Piece Mini Feather Chain Trolling Lure


The four piece Mini-Feather Chain consists of four, 4 feathers weighing ounce each. The heads of the feathers are chrome plated metal with ruby red eyes. The first four feathers are the same color and spaced evenly apart, while the last feather is a contrasting color, and spaced further back, ensuring its the one that gets bit. This chain is rigged, utilizing premium 80 lb monofilament, a 100 lb. Rosco swivel, loop protector, offshore loop and stainless steel Mustad hook in the contrasting feather.

Target Species: Initially developed to raise stubborn tuna schools from the depths, daisy chains work well at attracting all species that feed at or near the surface. This small chain was developed to tempt schools feeding on small baits that would not otherwise touch conventional sized lures.

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