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Red Eye Feather

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Red Eye Feather

4" Long and weighing 1/4 ounce, the Red Eye Feather is an upgraded version of our Mini-Feather, consisting of a thicker vinyl skirt, thicker mylar underskirt and a double chrome plated head with red, 3 dimensional eyes. This feather consistently produces results and should be in every one's trolling spread when the gamefish are feeding on smaller baitfish.

Trolling lures fro targeting the following species:

Albacore (early season), barracuda, bonito, sierra mackerel, skipjack, kingfish, dorado and whenever pelagics are feeding on small baitfish.


Purple/Black, Red/Green/Yellow/White (Mexican Flag), Red/White, Red/Black, Green/Yellow, Blue White

Lure Length:4"

Lure Weight:1/4 ounce

Rigging Options: Not Rigged/Single Hook/Double Hook


Red/green/yellow/white (Mexican Flag)





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