8-Piece 8" Hollow Bulb Squid (36" Composite Bar)


36" Composite Bar, 8 Squid. This is the easiest spreader bar to use, greatly reducing the hassles often associated with other spreader bars. Its tangle-free design incorporates eight, seven inch Hollow-Bulb Squid on a Composite Bar (3 lines). The trailing squid is detachable and a different color, weighted, and spaced further apart then the preceding squid, guaranteeing its the one to get bit. It can be trolled from 3 to 15 knots. Rigging includes 125 lb. premium mono, duplex sleeves, beads, a 350 lb. Rosco Swivel, a 350 lb Rosco Snap Swivel, loop protector and a trolling hook. It comes packaged in a plastic sleeve container. Large, self-draining spreader bags with handle are available (See lure bags). Spreader rigs are probably the most effective, under utilized tool available to the offshore angler. Once you start using a Spreader Rig, it will possibly change the way you troll forever. We have been making these rigs for customers for over 20 years! Our charter boats seldom fish offshore without one or two of them in our spreads. They are deadly effective for everything from small albacore and dorado to sailfish, striped, blue and black marlin. It easily quadruples the amount of lures you can comfortably troll, providing increased visual appeal and attraction. In fact a single trolling can rod can account for up to 8 separate lures in the water. It's like having your own school of reusable baitfish! Spreader Rigs drives gamefish wild by triggering their competitive feeding instincts and often causes sudden and violent jig strikes which might not have occurred with a single trolling lure. They make fantastic marlin and sailfish teasers when trolled with the hook removed or protected.

Color: Purple/Black, Blue/Pink, Orange/Yellow, Green/Yellow and Hawaiian Rainbow. Additional colors may be available upon request

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