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20 Piece, 8" Hollow Bulb Squid Spreader Rig (36" Heavy Bar)


36" Stainless Steel Bar w/ 20, 8" Hollow Bulb Squid. This is our flagship bar and probably the best selling spreader bar of all time! This rig made its debut in 1988 and has been credited with some truly remarkable catches. It consists of twenty 8" Hollow-Bulb Squids on a heavy, 36 Stainless Steel Bar. Each of the 5 lines are attached to the bar by a 350 lb swivel. The bar has a 500 lb stainless steel cable lanyard with a 350 lb swivel for easy attachment to your mainline. The trailing squid is a detachable, a different color, weighted, and spaced further apart then the preceding squid, guaranteeing its the one to get bit. It can be trolled from 3 to 12 knots depending on sea conditions. Rigging includes 125 lb premium mono, aluminum duplex sleeves, beads, and a trolling hook. This Spreader Rig is more difficult to use than our other models, but well worth the practice. No 36" bar leaves a bigger, more effective surface silhouette than this one and is responsible for numerous tournament wins throughout the world. A large, easy to use self- draining spreader rig bag with handle is included. Try one today and see how many hook-ups you've been missing!

Target Species: Works well for Tuna, Dorado (Dolphin), and other gamefish that feed at or near the surface. It also works very well as a teaser for Billfish. From Mackerel to Marlin, this spreader rig will get their attention.

Colors: Purple/Black, Blue/Pink, Orange/Yellow, Green/Yellow and Hawaiian Rainbow. Additional colors may be available upon request

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