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5 Piece Micro-Jet (19" Light Stainless Steel Bar)


The Micro Jet Trolling Bar consists of an 19", light stainless steel bar with four swivels. There are three swivels for the lines containing the lures and a fourth swivel for your mainline connection. The rig has five 3 & 1/2" Micro-Jets running off of the three lines. The last Micro-Jet is a different color than the preceding four and spaced further back, ensuring it is the one to get bit. This fun and simple to use rig could forever change the way you troll. They are deadly effective for the times gamefish focus on those really tiny baits. It easily quadruples the amount of lures you can comfortably troll, providing increased visual appeal and attraction. In fact a single trolling can rod can account for up to 5 separate lures in the water. It's like having your own school of reusable baitfish! Spreader Rigs drives gamefish wild by triggering their competitive feeding instincts and often causes sudden and violent jig strikes which might not have occurred with a single trolling lure. These trolling bars are also great for catching mackerel, bonito and small skipjack for use as baits. Try one today and see how many hook-ups you've been missing!

Colors: Purple/Black, Chartreuse/Yellow/Orange, Blue/Silver, Aqua-Glo w/Red Stripe, Green/White Mackerel, Pink/Blue/White, Pink/White with Yellow Stripe, Hot Pink.

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