Clone Predator/Prey Trolling Lure


The Clone Predator/Prey is on of our best selling Predator/Prey Rigs. It consists of a durable 6", 1 & 3/4 oz Clone lure. It consists of two 3 & 1/2" vinyl squids (“hootchies”) rigged in line, ahead of the Clone. The rigging includes 125 lb premium monofilament, beads, aluminum sleeves, a 300 lb Rosco swivel, loop protector and an offshore loop connected to a single or double trolling hook. These rigs are extremely well made and will hold up to the rigorous demands of offshore trolling. Predator/Prey rigs simulate a larger baitfish feeding on smaller baitfish. This often stimulates the competitive instincts of gamefish, enticing them to strike the “feeding” baitfish. Like Daisy Chains and Spreader Rigs, the Predator/Prey Rigs allows anglers to place multiple lures in their trolling spread, thereby increasing the size and appeal of their “school” of lures.

Target Species: Works well for Tuna, Dorado, and other gamefish that feed at or near the surface.

Purple/Black, Red/Green/Yellow/White, Green/Yellow, Red/White and Blue/White.

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