Cedar Plug Spin-n-Glo Predator Trolling Lure

Starting at: $7.95

Like a cedar plug on steroids!  This rig consists of two Spin-n-Glos rigged in line, ahead of a natural Cedar Plug. The rigging includes a 125 lb premium monofilament leader, aluminum sleeves, a 300 lb Rosco swivel, loop protector and a Mustad hook.  These rigs are extremely well made and will hold up to the rigorous demands of offshore trolling.   Predator/Prey rigs simulate a larger baitfish feeding on smaller baitfish. This often stimulates the competitive instincts of gamefish, enticing them to strike the “feeding” baitfish. Like Daisy Chains and Spreader Rigs, the Predator/Prey Rigs allows anglers to place multiple lures in their trolling spread, thereby increasing the size and appeal of their “school” of lures.  The attraction of the splashy and flashy commotion caused by the Spin-N-Glos, make this rig irresistible to opportunistic predators.

Target Species: Works well for Tuna, Dorado (Dolphin), and other gamefish that feed at or near the surface.

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