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Jumbo-Jet Trolling Lure


The Jumbo Jet is our biggest jet-head to date. Made of chrome plated brass, the Jumbo jet measures in at 11" long and weighs 7.5 oz, making it perfect for the large pelagic predators. The size and weight of this jet-head combined with its tantalizing bubble trail presents a large, easy to see profile for those gamefish lurking below. It trolls and tracks well at higher than usual trolling speeds, making it a great choice for targeting wahoo. This lure has been tested all over the world and is responsible for some phenominal catches of wahoo, tuna and big bull dorado/dolphin. We've also enjoyed great success with the Jumbo-Jet on striped marlin in Cabo San Lucas and Magdelena Bay.

Pink/White with Black Mackerel Pattern. Blue/Pink. Black/Blue. Blue with Black Dots, Black & Silver. Blue, Black, & Silver with Red Stripe. Green/Yellow. Green/Yellow/Orange. Orange/Green/Yellow/White. Green/Yellow/Red. Dorado (Blue/Gold). Green/Black. Purple/Black. Blue/White, Red/Black. Additional colors may be available upon request.

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