Ahi Jet (Bullet Head) Trolling Lure

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This 7" lure is a classic used by knowledgeable fishermen world wide. It has a 3 oz bullet shaped chrome plated brass head with 4 intake holes and a center hole for the leader material. It has a vinyl outer skirt with eyes and a mylar under skirt to give the lure that extra flash and sparkle gamefish can't resist. This is a straight running lure that can be trolled at high speeds making it a good choice for wahoo. It continues to produce outstanding yellowfin catches and has accounted for many a bull dorado. A must for any serious angler's arsenal.

Target Species: This lure is an excellent choice for tuna, dorado and wahoo but will attract any predatory gamefish that feeds at or near the surface.

Length: 7"

Weight: 3 oz.

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