4 Piece Mini-Cedar Chain Trolling Lure


The 4-piece chain consists of four, 4" cedar plugs rigged in line on premium 125 lb leader. The first three plugs are the same color and spaced evenly apart, while the last plug is a contrasting color, and spaced further back, ensuring itís the one that gets bit. This chain is extremely well rigged, utilizing a 125 lb Rosco swivel, loop protector, aluminum sleeves, beads and a Mustad hook in the contrasting plug. The Cedar chain ďswimsĒ in a seductive side-to-side motion tuna canít resist. Initially developed to raise stubborn tuna schools from the depths, daisy chains work well at attracting all species that feed at or near the surface. The smaller, 4" cedar plugs often elicit strikes when the bigger lures don't. Daisy Chains were designed to place a maximum number of baits in the water, thereby increasing the size and attractiveness of your lure spread. They attract virtually all gamefish that chase baitfish. Target Species: Works well for Tuna, Dorado (Dolphin), and other gamefish that feed at or near the surface.

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