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Rigged Mini Mylar Cedar Plug Trolling Lure


Rigged Mini Mylar Cedar Plug Trolling Lure:

A new twist on an old favorite. We take a 4 1/2" cedar plug trolling lure, wrap it in mylar and then paint it in one of our 6 hottest, fish catching colors. Once painted, we clear coat the plug and bake it in order to harden the finish. The mylar reflects light as it is trolled producing an added visual enticement to gamefish. These mylar mini-cedars are just what you need when the tuna are picky and size selective, preferring smaller baits. It has the seductive side to side and often erratic behavior of the standard size cedar plug consistently drives the tuna crazy. With six hot colors to choose from, you need to put at least one of these plugs in your trolling spread.

Trolling Lures For Targeting The Following Species: Albacore (early season), barracuda, bonito, sierra mackerel, skipjack, kingfish, Dorado and whenever pelagics are feeding on small baitfish.

Lure Length: 4.5" Lure Weight: 1/2oz

Rigging Options: Comes Rigged







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