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Squid Bird Trolling Lure

Starting at: $4.95

Birds are one of the most effective and under utilized tools available to the offshore angler. They drive gamefish wild! yellowfin, albacore, dorado, marlin and virtually all other gamefish that feed on baitfish schools at or near the surface go absolutely wild for the splashing and commotion caused by the bird, which simulates baitfish jumping while trying to escape predators. The Squid bird is the same platform as are Mini-Bird, but with the addition of a Hollow Bulb Squid attached to the rear of the bird which helps hide rigging hardware as well as adding additional, visual attraction. Rig your favorite lure behind the bird with a short (3 or 4 foot) leader and see how many jig strikes you've been missing! The Mini-Bird is available unrigged, or rigged with premium 125 lb test monofilament leader, loop protector, aluminum duplex sleeves a 350 lb Rosco Swivel and 350 Rosco Snap Swivel.

Target Species: All surface feeding gamefish. Especially effective for tuna, dorado and marlin.

Orange, Chartreuse, Green, Black, Purple, Pink.

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