Psycho Bird Trolling Lure


Birds are one of the most effective and under utilized tools available to the offshore angler. They drive gamefish wild! yellowfin, albacore, dorado, marlin and virtually all other gamefish that feed on baitfish schools at or near the surface go absolutely wild for the splashing and commotion caused by the bird, which simulates baitfish jumping while trying to escape predators. Our Psycho Bird not only looks crazy, it catches fish like crazy! The Psycho Bird is tough, with 800 lb through wire construction and and a 550 lb Ball Bearing snap swivel. Just attachyour favorite lure behind the bird with a short (3 or 4 foot) leader and see how many jig strikes you've been missing!

Target Species: All surface feeding gamefish. Especially effective for tuna, dorado and marlin.

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